Hanamin is a company founded by Hana Minako van Maldegem to facilitate the recording of exciting & innovative music.

Based in the lovely city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Hanamin strives to find the perfect balance between professional quality and affordable pricing.

With 29 years experience in the music industry, Hana Minako promises a unique blend of indie aesthetics with digital competence.

Services range from recording and mastering, to tutoring and jam sessions.

Why Hanamin.

In short: Because we allow your own character to shine by providing tools and encouraging creativity.

Need a little something to spice up your song? Utilise any number of synths and workstations.

Want to create Lofi? IDM? Techno? Wave? Punk? Hyperpop? Full on rock? Or a blend of the above?

We can help. Drop us a line through the contact form or reserve your spot here.